Idealized Bodies / Unpolitical Corrctness x (Loop Hypnosis - Gravity) = V³

V III Pole Dance Media Installation

In VIII Veruschka Bohn’s pole dance meets Humatic Re-Performance concepts providing close-to-real directness in reception and hypnotic
spiralism. Moving pole dance sequences appear in life-size on 40 inch [ca 90x50cm] screens, providing a frame too small to show the
complete body. The three screens are mounted on original dance poles. The merging between real- and video-poles combined with the
life-sized presentation generate a close-to-real impression. Random access spiral video engines continuously compose unique audio-visual
clusters and combinations. VIII includes methods which go beyond the typical and known, as it works with time-axis manipulations and various
counter physical deformations in time and space.

TRAILER [contact for password]

Prototype Movie [contact for password]

Concepts,,Choreography & Visual Media,Veruschka Bohn & Christian Graupner

Creative Collaborators in Visuals, Music & System Development : Humatic, Joan Pais, Norbert Schnell ;Telematique / Sven Gareis.
Formats : full size reactive media installation , 3 x Full HD , up to six audio channels & stand alone pseudo holographic 1:8 model
State of Development: talks with collaborators about the final realisation focussing reactivity and technical optimization ...first rough prototype
presentations ...partner search [please contact]

"VIII expresses the strength and the constraints experienced by the occupant of a female body, which contorts itself within a boxed off frame
showing the body only in parts and never in full. A looping series of classic pole-dance tricks gives way to more experimental and grotesque
movements, hinting at the mental and physical contortions inherent to womanhood, as this fleshly display confronts the power of the ideals
that hold us hostage." [ Lena Chen ]

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